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Buying a property with Côté Acheteur Lyon-Alpes in 5 easy steps

At Côté Acheteur Lyon-Alpes, we are property finders. Our job is to be on the buyers’ side, from the very beginning of the property search to the end of the sale. Our mission can be divided into five major steps:

1) We validate your project with you,

2) We search properties according to your criteria,

3) You visit the selected properties with us,

4) We discuss the choices with you, keeping your interest in mind,

5) You buy the property you were looking for, at the best price.

You, our client, are at the centre of our process; your satisfaction is our goal.

Buy a property with Cote Acheteur Lyon Alpes in 5 easy steps

Step One – Validating your project
Your dedicated agent will meet you to talk about your project, define your criteria, talk about your investment goals, your budget, your preferences and your targeted area.

This initial meeting can take place at a place of your choice, or over the phone or the internet.

Step Two – The search

Your dedicated agent will search, pre-qualify and pre-visit properties according to your criteria and budget. Keeping your best interest in mind, your agent will search the entire market, from the real estate agencies’ lists to private sellers.

Your agent will send you a detailed report for each property seen on your behalf and you will be able to discuss the details with him/her.

Step three – The visits

When you will be ready to visit a selection of properties, your dedicated agent will come with you and guide you all along the process. Your agent will help you to see the property in an objective manner, negotiate the contract and write an offer, if necessary.

Step four – The advice

We have no interest in selling one property or another, so your agent will give you unbiased advice to the best of his/her knowledge of the market. Your agent can advise you on quality, estimated price, investment and resale, area. Your agent will also guide you through the energy reports, mortgage negotiation, renovation cost estimation, inspections, French laws and bureaucracy, etc.

Step five – The sale

At the end of the process, you buy the property you have chosen, at the best price.
Your agent will ensure that you do not go over budget, even with our fee. We do not charge an upfront fee (as required by the French regulation - Article 6 of the law "loi Hoguet" N°70-9 from 2nd of January 1970), but only a commission if we succeed, with written contract ensuring security, confidentiality and professional ethics.

To learn more about our process and fees, visit Côté Acheteur National website.

To learn more about Côté Acheteur Lyon-Alpes, ask your questions and start your search, contact-us.

Cote Acheteur Lyon-Alpes is a team of six dedicated property finders who are passionate about the region they live in and the real estate market.

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