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Meet Côté Acheteur Lyon-Alpes’ manager – Laurence Secrétant

Meet Laurence Secrétant, the manager of Côté Acheteur, Lyon Alps.

Laurence Secrétant is the manager of Côté Acheteur Lyon Alps.

Laurence shares her life between an apartment in Lyon and a house in Evian. She has been working with Côté Acheteur for the past eight years, managing her team of five women. She and her team of real estate experts help buyers in the Lyon-Alps region find the property of their dreams.

Laurence chose to join the national network of Côté Acheteur because of their expertise in the real estate market and their principle that the buyer’s needs are the first priority. She thinks that the Côté Acheteur process to help buyers, which is halfway between a real estate agent and a buying coach, is efficient and allows her team to meet the needs of a wide range of clients.

Laurence particularly enjoys the human side of her job - working with a small team, through a national network of property experts, where everyone listens and helps one another for the best interest of the clients.

I asked Laurence a few questions about herself, her experience and her job and here are her answers.


What are the strengths of Côté Acheteur?

I think that the three major assets of Côté Acheteur are professionalism, quality, and expertise in property hunting. The Côté Acheteur owners are the founders of the concept in France.

We make sure that each one of our clients becomes a priority. We allocate a maximum of four clients at a time to each of our property finders. Our search process also guarantees a certain amount of time dedicated on a daily basis to every single search. We pride ourselves in delivering an individualised service, spending time in getting to know our clients and understanding who they are and what they want.

I know you have a passion for real estate; can you tell us why you enjoy finding properties so much?

My job, as a Côté Acheteur property finder, allows me to meet people and get to develop a quality relationship with them, based on mutual trust and respect. That human aspect of the job is essential to me. I also get to work in one of the most beautiful regions of France, with a real diversity in local culture and landscapes - the Rhône-Alpes region. I also enjoy following a market that evolves regularly and adjusting to it.

Recently we have been focusing a little more on foreign clients, who are still living abroad. Helping those clients, being their hands and eyes, visiting homes for them, talking with them regularly, answering their questions, redefining their searches and, in the end,meeting them in person and guiding them until the sale signature, is a true privilege and a rewarding job.

What is the most common search for those foreign clients?

We get a lot of demand for investment properties and homes in Annecy,particularly the old city of Annecy and the surrounding ski resorts in the French Alpes.

We have also seen an increasing demand for the small and quaint towns around Lyon, close to the city, but still offering the beautiful hilly landscapes of the North and North-West of Lyon, in Les Monts du Lyonnais.

When we get interest in the city of Lyon itself, it is mostly for the traditional district of Croix-Rousse, for its small village-feel and lifestyle and its daily open market.

Why do foreign clients choose Côté Acheteur Lyon Alpes to help them invest in the region?

We have asked the question to them, as they are the ones who can answer best. They usually say that they trust Côté Acheteur with its fifteen years of experience in hunting for properties in France. They also find that we are serious about our business and know the market and the areas we are responsible for. They usually say that the added value is definitely the relationship that we establish with them and the time we take to really understand who they are and only offer products and homes that they will like.

And finally, Laurence, can you tell us about your best memory with Côté Acheteur Lyon Alpes? Your favourite project, so far?

I do not have one best memory, but many amazing memories. Almost every sale is a good memory because of the relationship we build with the future owners. We are really working for their dreams to come true.Being there when they finally realise that what seemed very complicated and almost impossible has just become their reality is amazing. Knowing that we contributed to that is priceless.

Some projects also have a particular meaning to me, the ones I handle for single women. They are usually changing their lifestyle, ready for a new start and looking for their new home. They are usually overwhelmed, having to adjust to living alone, taking care of the children, working, and they need real support and help in defining their needs, handling the search, being shown some support in taking a big new step, etc. During those projects the relationship of respect and trust is particularly important and some of these clients become close friends.


Article written by Gwendoline Perret, after an interview with Laurence Secrétant.

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