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Meet out English Speaking Real Estate Expert – Joelle Convert

Joelle joined the Côté Acheteur Lyon Alpes team in September 2014. She specifically chose to join Côté Acheteur because she enjoys being part of a small team that focuses on providing quality services through close working relationships with clients.

I have asked her a few questions and here are her answers.


Joelle Convert, English speaking property finder - Côté Acheteur Lyon AlpesYou chose to work for Côté Acheteur, what are the main strengths of the network?
Côté Acheteur’s main strength is the national network system with professional property finders in each region, all experts in their local area. I also think that this system allows us to give accurate results in a very short amount of time and to develop quality relationships with our clients.

How long have you been working for the real estate industry?
I have been working in the real estate industry for the past ten years.
I first graduated as an engineer, and worked abroad for several years. I became fluent in English. I completed my education with an English law course and an English real estate business course and spent twenty years teaching English to professionals (managers, industry leaders, real estate agents, etc). I am also a certified interior designer and home stager.

Why are you so passionate about your job?
I have always loved « la pierre », as we say in French (« la pierre » is French for ‘the stone’, « aimer la pierre », means to love property investments). I have always been looking for good investment opportunities. With my career, I have been moving around a lot, which gave me some great experiences in buying and selling properties with some great returns. I also have the ability to see the potential of a place, especially for properties in new areas or doer-uppers.

Most of the clients allocated to you are English speaking, you know them really well. What is the main trend?
Foreigners have good tastes and usually love places with strong and traditional features, what we call « biens de caractère » in French. I have been selling beautiful properties around the Parc de la Tête d’Or recently. It is a really nice area, the proximity of the park with its lake, rose garden, conference centre and cinema certainly helps.

Air routes from Lyon - Côté Acheteur Lyon Alpes

Air routes from Lyon. Courtesy of 

What are the three main strengths of the Lyon Alpes region, according to you?
It is a very dynamic region with many great companies, including international groups, quality universities with active research arms and a full team dedicated to foreign investors and tourists at OnlyLyon.
The region is easily accessible:
-a great highway system, linking Lyon to Paris and Northern Europe, Switzerland, Italy and the Mediterranean sea, not to forget the west coast and Spain,
-main train stations linking the region to the main cities in France (Lyon – Paris 2 hours, Lyon – Bruxelles 4 hours, Lyon – Marseilles 1 hour and 40 minutes, Lyon – Geneva 1 hour, etc),
-the international airport of Lyon (direct flights to European cities, Turkey, Russia , Northern Africa, Senegal, Israel and Dubaï), but also the airports of Grenoble and Geneva.
This region offers a great variety of landscapes, from the second biggest French city, to small quaint villages, including ski resorts, vineyards, lakes, etc. Travelling for an hour or two from Lyon could take could to most places in France and even in Europe.

If you had three pieces of advice to give to future English-speaking investors…
Choose city or close-to-city investments, they are more secure.
Spend some time defining your search criteria and concentrate on location.
Ask for help regarding price range, the global market and legal paperwork.

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Article written by G. Perret, community manager for Côté Acheteur Lyon Alpes.